Vision Statement

Every Child is Entitled to Enjoy His/Her childhood

Our vision statement includes attaining the highest possible outcomes for all our children, where inclusion of all learners is central to our ethos.


  • Acquire skill, knowledge and attitudes that are relevant to the changing world in which they live
  • Respect and value themselves, others and the environment
  • Develop enquiring minds with motivation to learn
  • Work and play independently and collaboratively
  • Have self confidence and good self esteem
  • Recognise themselves as citizens in the wider world
  • Extend themselves in mind body and spirit
  • Develop excellent communication and people skills
  • To reach their full potential in all aspects of their development.


  • Ensure we have a flexible work force skilled at embracing change
  • A commitment to ongoing training and professional support of the workforce
  • An environment that welcomes all, is safe and stimulating
  • A learning framework that celebrates every child’s uniqueness
  • A commitment to remain at the leading edge of all new educational initiatives
  • A drive to ensure strong partnership working with parents/carers/our community and other professionals
  • A recognition and celebration of all achievements
  • A commitment to work together enthusiastically to achieve our vision and our aims