Our Team

Sonia Pay

Senior Manager Carousel

Level 3 with 20 years experience

Sonia is ELKLAN trained and has a real interest in children's language development. She is skilled at supporting effective communication between children and adults. Her passion is ensuring the environment meets the children's needs, that it is stimulating and scaffolds their learning. Sonia works closely with parents to ensure continuous provision between home and the nursery.

Nina Juden


Level 3

Nina is the manager and safeguarding lead as well as the preschool lead. Nina has over ten years of experience in early years and is a mother and grandmother.

Kelly Brown

Nursery Administrator

Early years degree.

Kandie Mitchell

Deputy Manager

Kandie is level 3 and is our Deputy Manager and Toddler lead.

Kandie has worked in the childcare sector for over 15 years. Kandie’s role is to ensure the setting is managed effectively in Nina’s absence and to oversee the development of 2 year provision. Kandie is responsible for liaising with parents with regard to 2 year check and toddler development.

Jordan Catton

Baby Room Lead

Level 3

Jordan is the under twos lead, she trained at Carousel and has remained with us since. Jordan has SENCO training. Jordan's is passionate about our youngest children and leads the baby room.